Creating Custom Beer Tap Handles

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Watch Daniel at Work

See our master craftsman Daniel wood turning custom beer tap handles and wine tap handles in his workshop.  This is how we hand make every product for our customers.  The traditional craftsmanship that goes into every product is extremely high in standard and it makes each product for our customers truly unique.

Handles For Craft Brewers

In a recent brief we were asked by a local craft brewer, the Summer Wine Brewery, to make a set of custom beer tap handles to suit their ‘oldy worldy’ tap room which serves up tasty beers brewed on site.  The custom taps needed to be 4″ tall x 2″ in diameter, the customer specially selected oak with ‘spalting’ within it which shows up fantastic areas of the grain.  We recommended an ‘osmo’ solid varnish to give the taps a perfect finish.

So far, we have produced six real wood handles for the Summer Wine Brewery tap room.   Each tap handle features a letter; by the time the room is complete there we will have produced a full set of custom tap handles spelling out the name of the tap room – we thought this was a great idea.

Here is a sequence of videos showing how Daniel made the custom tap handles:

Start of a Spalted Oak Bespoke Beer Tap Handle

Turning the Shape on the Spalted Oak Bespoke Beer Tap

The finished Spalted Oak Tap Handle


Our tap handles are available in any wood at any size.  Custom stain available on request.  Please call 01484 666 333to order yours.  .

Custom Beer tap Summer Wine Brewery