Wood Turning Beer Tap Handles

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A Craftsman At Work

This video shows our master craftsman Daniel wood turning a barley twist.   This is the same wood turning process used to make each of our quality beer tap handles.    As you can see, the traditional craftsmanship that goes into making our products is second to none.

We don’t make beer tap handles alone

However, we don’t make beer tap handles alone.    Daniel uses his traditional wood turning and cabinet making skills to create handmade kitchens and furniture, wood spindles and associated stair parts and of course, wine tap handles .

Our products are not mass produced.  Each custom wood tap handle is truly unique and a great way to promote your beer or real ale on the bar.  Custom stains and finishes are available on request.

Our tap handles are available in any wood, at any size.   Why not go custom and use a bespoke real wood tap handle to reflect the quality of your beer or real ale?    Give Daniel a call to discuss the options. Please call 01484 666 333 to order yours.